My books aren't the last you'll ever need on the subject, but the very first books you should acquire."”

— Eric Willis

It has been an absolute pleasure working with my son on the music project. We had a chance to grow in a new way. Josh is a special young man with a great deal of insight. Just like other parents, I worry about my son's future, his choices and success but I learned one thing this past year. My son can make it. He has skills. He employs good reasoning in most situations and he learns from experience. That's a load off my mind. Now... to deal with the emotional challenges artists have to resolve from our past. "You handle that and (boy) you got yourself a beautiful life."  

Piano Quick

Piano Quick works well as an eBook because it is meant to be mastered, one concept at a time. 

I wrote this for those who want to develop their intuitive side of music and reinforce their skills with music theory and logical thinking. 
It was inspired by meeting so many gifted musicians who could not explain the complex chords, riffs and passages they were playing. It occurred to me that if I could teach the building blocks, it would render them capable of teaching me, in turn. 

Along the way, I discovered that accomplished musicians found value in Piano Quick because it explains the logic in music that great readers have little need to process, as they fly across the page. 

Piano Quick will be the bridge that brings the Gifted and the Accomplished together at a roundtable where they can share ideas through speaking a common language.  

  1. The book revolves around the chromatic scale, which we use to understand more complex elements in music. 
  2. The structure of Classical chord progression is so profound that it will continue to reveal itself, in new ways, for years to come.
  3. The first half of the book is used to convey the rules of traditional harmony and the latter half proves the power of chord progression. 
  4. When you understand the concepts in this book, you will have difficulty sleeping with music playing. Your chord prediction skills will work even while sleeping. 

Handle Your Business: Music Publisher

This book came from the immensely detailed task of releasing a new recording and preparing the administration work. 
After several hours of data input, I laid down to sleep. The publishing details were at the halfway point but I was so tired when I shut down for the evening, that I went to bed confused. 

I woke up around 4 A.M. not remembering which tasks were finished or left undone so I dragged myself out of bed and started to make a list. It included everything from assigning ISRC (codes) to registering the songs and codes to Sound-exchange, ASCAP and logging the data with the upload sites. A list of ten completions turned into fifteen tasks that needed to be handled. It wasn't long before I realized that others could benefit from the list of considerations... and Handle Your Business: Music Publisher was born. 

I recruited Frederick Nichelson to work with me because he is among the most successful people I know in the music industry.  He communicates his insights and understanding of the business so organically that this book went from good to great in a matter of days. We were able to harness and merge our years of experience to help you understand things that would take a prolonged period for you know and utilize to its maximum potential. While you are coming into this degree of knowledge... realize this: The music industry is rapidly changing. 

The content of this book is important for you to know because the changes taking place in the industry are "next-level" innovations. What do I mean by that? The new concepts and orders of operation will be an improvement upon the way the music industry currently functions right now.  It will be to your distinct advantage to understand Handle Your Business: Music Publisher, as it will be the fundamental stuff that causes the New-World (music) Order make sense. (This is somewhat akin to taking Pre-calculus before Calculus).   

One of my favorite details in HYB... 

Did you know you can collect a royalty check for performing your own music? The performing rights organizations collect fees from the venues (in which you perform) and disperse payments accordingly. You simply log on to your mobile app and input the music you played. cha-ching!  


Father to Son

Words of Wisdom Every Son Should Consider 

I believe that this book is the apex of all of my literary works, as well as music and military service. When I think about it, I have done a lot of things in pursuit a decent life and a reasonably successful career. Most opportunities were unexpected. All I ever wanted was be a musician and tour like Earth, Wind & Fire... possibly hang out with Lionel Richie and the Commodores, backstage. That was it. That was magic. That was the image I set out to bring to fruition and it was the kind of goal that didn't come with a step-by-step manual, or a path that someone else left colorful jelly beans for me to follow. I had to purpose myself like my artistic predecessors. Until recently, I thought that my primary purpose was music... to compose, publish and perform. I was wrong about that. It was a life-pursuit and I was wrong?

I came to the realization that I am an author. I am an author first, then a musician and neither one of these turns out to be my primary purpose. My primary purpose is to enhance others by teaching and transforming with information and encouragement. Even though I have done it all of my life, I didn't know that it was preeminent, so I never put it first or pursued it above anything else. "When you know your primary purpose, you comprehend the value of the other things  you must do in order to further your principle goal."