Father to Son - Words of Wisdom

Thunder Foot

Thunder Foot: The Amazing Soccer Kid

Eric Willis

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Diego Martin is a 10-year old scholar who knows nothing about soccer. With math, science, and a lot of practice, he becomes the best footballer in the league. At first, Thunder Foot's after-point celebrations are funny and lighthearted but soon become more elaborate. Before long, his dramatic works take on a life of their own. See how this story unfolds.

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Applause for Father to Son

“Because there is a direct correlation between the missing father and academic efficiency, our young men are struggling. Father to Son  provides the instruction of a caring mentor who wants his sons to succeed.” 
—James Charles, Assistant Superintendent, Terrebonne Parish Schools


 "Eric Willis has authored a must-read treasury for anyone raising a male in today's society. Read this       
   book and pass along its timeless wisdom to your sons." 
— Rhonda Howard, Career & Technology Coordinator, Dallas Independent School District


"As a thirty-year-old man, this book says important things to me that no one in my life has ever said." 
—William Davis, Mechanical Engineer



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