Josh drummerboy Willis

Josh Willis ~ Producer - Percussionist

Josh Willis is a product of the Booker T. Washington High School for the Visual and Performing Arts, which Dallas locals call the Arts Magnet School. He was accepted into the program by audition on alto sax and excelled in concert band performance. Josh caught the “drum bug” and really became serious as a result of his exposure to the percussion program. He joined the Latin Ensemble in his junior year and it changed his young life. He was invited to the African Dance Ensemble and gained a new level of understanding of the fundamental elements of rhythm. He played drums with the Pop Ensemble and won a Downbeat award with Midi Ensemble. Josh continues to grow his music skills as he endeavors to acquire a degree in business. Father to Son is his first venture as a record producer and it looks as though he may have a brilliant future as an organizer of intelligent inflection.